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Become a shaper for QParks and make it happen

qparks wants you

Imagine spending an awesome winter among friends, in the middle of the most breathtaking sceneries of the Alps, and getting paid for it! Unbelievable? Well… not quite! Become a shaper for QParks and make it happen!

QParks, leading operator and long-time specialist in designing snowparks all across Europe, is currently looking for motivated snowboarders and freeskiers, who want to support our shaping crews in the ongoing season until the end of April 2014! You don’t have any experience in shaping but you are determined to sleep next to the shape-tools and learn the shaping handcraft from scratch? The head shapers and park designers will instruct you on how to really build kickers, how to properly place boxes and rails and altogether conjure an elaborate setup.

What we have to offer

QParks shapers not only receive accommodation and a season lift ticket for the resort, but will also be legally registered as employee, fully insured and paid for every single hour of work. Shapers gain important experiences during the season and seize the chance to become head shaper or even park designer!

A good park wants to be shredded

Working hours will depend on weather conditions and the individual setup stages. However, most of the work will be done outside the usual lift operating hours, so QParks shapers have more than enough spare time to shred and test their park!

How do I become a shaper?

You are a highly motivated shredder and want to work as shaper in one of 30 QParks? Then don’t waste precious time and send your written application to jobs@qparks.com.

Your application may be informal but it must contain the following information: name, age, snowboard or freeski, shape experience (if you have one), telephone number and a short, precise note why you consider yourself the perfect choice for this job.

Sounds like a job for you? Then get going and send us your application!

The QParks Team

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