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Spread the stoke, not the virus

This season is certainly different than others and you all know why… But at least almost all QParks are open and ready for you guys. However, we absolutely want to make sure that this won’t change any time soon, that’s why we put together some safety measures that are useful and simple to follow.

NOTE: In order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, all ski resorts have worked on different safety concepts and measures. Please inform yourself about these and follow the rules in order to protect yourself and your pals.

Face masks

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  • Well, we all know that face masks and bandanas have always been the shit. So, lucky for us, they are also suitable as face coverings and COVID safety measure. That’s why we want to encourage you guys always to wear a face mask or some other kind of face covering.
  • In Austria FFP-2 masks are mandatory in all lifts.
  • NOTE: Face coverings are mandatory at all QParks events, especially at the rider registration and in the chill area.

Hand hygiene

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  • We like clean landings and clean hands! So, even if that should speak for itself – please wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer.
  • Our recommendation: just leave your gloves on (not only when you give somebody a fist bump)

Safety distance

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  • Good news first: all our obstacles comply with the requirements for the minimum safety distance. However, please make sure you keep enough distance while shooting a rad follow line, when you go for a gunfire or when you hang out in the chill area.
  • Well, and then there’s the thing with the lift… Instead of scrambling, just relax, wait until it’s your turn and everybody is safe.

Sick sessions??

If something deserves the adjective “sick” in the park, it should only be a description for riding skills and not the definition of your health condition. So, even if it hurts: if you’re not feeling well, please stay at home and make sure you’re 100 % fit again until you hit the park. That’s how you make sure that you only spread the stoke, not the virus!