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SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn – A Freestyle-Temple with Snow Guarantee

By now, it is as deeply anchored in Mürren´s DNA as a certain British special agent with a preference for shaken Martini: The SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn! The XL Snowpark will once again be an important part of the world-famous Schilthorn-panorama in winter 2019/20.

After five successful years, the SKYLINE SNOWPARK has made quite some plans for the upcoming season. This winter, the sleeping giants Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau will be awakened with a fine setup, rad events and a generous amount of freestyle!

New crew, same style

The shape crew will make sure of that! They also got a couple of new members, a new park designer for example. Jiri Skalicky will be in charge of the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn and will keep on improving the park. In the next couple of weeks, he will get enough building material to do so. Because a lack of snow has never been a problem at Schilthorn.

Beat my Line at the SKYLINE SNOWPARK – The Hunzikers start

Follow lines are always welcome at common shred sessions, especially at the SKYLINE SNOWPARK. ‘Cause at the Schilthorn, you can win an awesome price with your video! In the big Beat my Line-Raffle, the two well-known shredders Jonas and Cyrill Hunziker do a little follow line at the park themselves. And from that moment, all riders can upload their own follow line on their social media channels and tag the SKYLINE SNOWPARK. All participants have the chance to win rad goodie bags filled by QParks, Schilthorn and the Hunziker bros themselves. By the way: Nobody has to do a better follow line as Olympian athlete Jonas Hunziker, every video that is creative, humorous or stylish has a chance to win!

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Schilthorn Open – The evergreen at the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn

There´s no successful season at Schilthorn without the Schilthorn Open! Of course, the QParks Tour will visit Mürren again this season. On March 14 fine contest action is on the menu, when talented riders compete in front of a breathtaking panorama for cash, goodies and valuable points in several ratings.

 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 017
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 003
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action fs florian muehlebach patrick luchs qparks 011
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 006
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action fs peer esser patrick luchs qparks 006
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action sb kaspar hoesli patrick luchs qparks 001
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action fs unknown patrick luchs qparks 015
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action sb carlos seixas patrick luchs qparks 011
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 008

Send it to the moon!

This winter, the Acrobag Progression Tour will be completely different: This time there won´t be the traditional square bag but a whole landing bag as professionals use it for training! The whole thing will be open for business for two weeks. From Frebruary 22 to March 8, all riders are welcome to train new tricks without any fears of hitting the hard ground of reality. Of course, the Acrobag Progression Session will go down as well. There, you not only have the chance to get awesome action pics of yourself, but also you´ll get some fine goodies for your tricks. And as if that wasn´t enough, there will be a big Facebook raffle afterwards!

 web schilthorn 06 04 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick luchs acrobag 027
 web schilthorn 06 04 2019 action sb unknown patrick luchs acrobag 008
 web schilthorn 06 04 2019 action fs unknown patrick luchs acrobag 019

The crew behind the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn is ready! The only thing they need more of is snow, but that won´t be a problem for long! Until the park opens its gates, motivated riders can keep themselves informed via the Facebook Page and the Instagram Account of the park.

More Stuff

There´s no QParks Tour 2019/20 without the contest at the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn! At the Schilthorn Open, motivated freeskiers and snowboarders will shred right before a breathtaking scenery for fame, glory, cash, goodies and more!

The QParks Tour stops at the legendary Penken Park in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal Valley.

GIRLS OWN THE PARK – that’s not just the slogan of the Girls Shred Sessions, it’s a mission! Therefore, all freestyle ladies can look forward to an event from girls for girls with a clear intention: Bringing girls into the snowparks, empowering them and fostering the female freestyle community!

When it comes to Alta Badia, most people may think of Ladinian kitchen and pizza, unique mountain ranges in combination with picturesque villages, legendary ski races and of course a lot of Dolce Vita. But wait, there’s more! Besides mainstream tourism, there’s a special highlight nobody should miss: the Snowpark Alta Badia!

Penken Park 29.11.2019

The first snow has fallen and our stoke levels rise. Why? In a few weeks, Penken Park opens its gates again and welcomes us to endless shred sessions. Read here what to expect this season and find out about this season’s events at Penken Park. By the way: this includes a rad European premiere!

All shredheads can look forward to a sparkling Game of Diamonds! The final stop of the QParks Tour will guarantee some top-class contest action when riders from all over Europe will not only fight for the win of the day but also for the crown of the QParks Tour.

This winter once again, the QParks Tour will partner up with the Sick Trick Tour in order to turn the Austrian skiing hotspot Kitzbühel into a freestyle-zone!

The QParks Tour celebrates its comeback to Snowpark Alta Badia and at the same time it’s going to be a premiere! After all, the Rookie Battle Alta Badia is the first-ever QParks Tour Stop exclusively for freeskiers and snowboarders under 18 years!

While you have prepared yourselves for the upcoming season in the glacier parks and gyms of this beautiful world, the team of the QParks Tour has prepared everything to give you once again a season full of professional contests for riders. Below, you find the first info about the new Tour Stops and the new contest formats.