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Since QParks was founded in 2002 by four snowboarding buddies a lot of things have changed. In those early days, you had to travel long distances to get to a snowpark – parks shaped by machines were an absolute exception/highlight. Fortunately, snowparks have become a standard ingredient of modern ski resorts nowadays. It’s been a long journey to come to this insight, though. The founding members of QParks and their tight network of pioneers have certainly played a big role in this development.

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All these years, they’ve been putting their heart and soul into mediating between the local scenes and the mountain railways. They paved the way for a dialogue in a time when freestylers were certainly not considered welcomed guests at the most resorts and made it very clear that working together, instead of against each other, would be a great advantage for both parties. Backed by the industry, the limitless passion of a couple of scene insiders and the pioneer spirit of open-minded mountain railways, they were literally able to move mountains. 15 years and a whole generation later, very little has changed regarding QParks’ attitude. These days, freestyle may have become more ambitious and competitive and might also have lost some of its spirit, at least according to many members of the past generation. Still, QParks mission remains the same - From freestyle, for freestyle.

Supporting the local scenes is still the essence and the focus definitely lies in professional concepts and optimum quality. The most important factor is to provide suitable elements on which the riders can improve their skills step by step – having fun while constantly progressing, that’s what counts in a QPark. Thanks to event concepts such as the QParks Tour, the perfect starting point for all the riders who want to make it big, as well as special formats for girls and young talents, QParks still manages to breath fresh air into the young freestyle scene. “We provide both the basis and the future of freestyle,“ that’s the motto. The basis are the top-notch snowparks, while the future lies within all of the snowboarders and freeskiers who make the QParks their living rooms each winter.