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Shred Poker Schöneben - 16.03.2019

Watch out Shred Heads! Whip out your calendars and mark March, 16 2019 with a big fat pen in your calendar because that is when the Shred Poker is coming to Schöneben. Anyone who is willing to shred hard and in style can bag a whole lot of valuable chips!

Depending on the sickness of your tricks you earn not only cheers, but also chips, which you can swap for cash and goodies. Besides a nice jib session on a freshly shaped special feature you can chill to some fine beats and enjoy a BBQ for FREE! So you just can’t leave the park but as a winner!

 web schoeneben 24 03 2018 lifestyle fs sb christian riefenberg qparks 18
 web schoeneben 24 03 2018 lifestyle sb christian riefenberg qparks 20
 web schoeneben 24 03 2018 lifestyle fs christian riefenberg qparks 12
 web schoeneben 24 03 2018 action sb bart falhaber christian riefenberg qparks 2
 web schoeneben 24 03 2018 action fs matthias noggler christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web schoeneben 24 03 2018 action sb natalia kusztal christian riefenberg qparks 2

Until then, we regularly feed you the latest news about the Shred Poker!

More Stuff

Want to improve your tricks? Come and get some tipps from our professional coach at the Weekly Coaching Session in Obergurgl! The sessions are free of charge - all you need is a lift ticket.

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The two park rats Fabian Fraidl and Christian Kirsch performed big time in this edit! 

Filmer: Mirko Paoloni, Laura Lareida

When a rad freeskier meets a super park, you can look forward to a rad edit. Follow Simon Hutter on his runs through Superpark Planai and enjoy! - #havingabigtime

Bernd Schweiger show so much steeze while shredding Superpark Planai. - He was definitely #havingabigtime

The Italian snowboard queen takes you through Superpark Planai and it looks like she's #havingabigtime

You took the first chair to the park, you maxed out your day pass, you shredded until the legs were burning, you had some bad bails, you stood up again and you only shredded towards the valley station when the lifts stopped running. You’re pretty much wrecked, but you’re simply stoked! What a hell of a day! That’s exactly how we feel after this wicked 2018/19 season. Here, we let you know why.

The season is slowly coming to an end and you haven’t stomped that one trick yet? Don’t worry. The Superpark will be open for one more month and now’s the perfect time for your personal progression.

Spring sessions in wintery conditions - mountaintops covered in snow, even in the valley there’s still snow visible. A crew of stoked riders seized the bluebird days and, accompanied by a media crew, checked out the setup: Airtime, drone shots - we'll let the edit speak for itself!

Credits: Raphael Pöham