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In need of a se(n)dcard? Become a QParks rider

Need some fresh footage of your rad park runs? This is your chance - we bring you to our fine parks together with professional filmers and photographers. It's as simple as that: You shred a few badass park laps - we capture the action digitally! Deal? Then provide some personal details below and look forward to hearing from us.

Just let us know a few things about yourself:

  • Who are you? Introduce yourself briefly.
  • What sport is your passion? (Snowboarding, Freeskiing, Dog Sledding, Monoskiing, Ski jumping, Polar bear wrestling)
  • Where's your home base in winter?
  • You got a whip/a ride/a car? (A helicopter would work too)
  • The shootings take place mainly in January and February. During these months, are you available on weekdays or only on weekends?
  • Send us links to short clips of yourself shredding, so we can evaluate your riding level a bit better (Instagram, YouTube etc.)

Sendy wishes,

The QParks Crew