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The Familypark Bormio

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You are craving for a challenge and a bit of adrenaline? If so, Familypark Bormio is just the right spot for you! Whether you have already gotten a taste of obstacles or not - this Familypark will make beginners as well as skilled riders happy! Dare to jump over kickers or slide over boxes and start a new adventure!

You feel like the Snowpark Bormio is a bit too difficult, but you would still like to feel the adrenaline-rush? If that’s the case, try Familypark Bormio! Here, the entire family gets to take their first steps in freestyle-sports in a relaxed atmosphere. Jumps and boxes guarantee not only thrilling experiences but also loads of fun! Snowpark Bormio’s little brother welcomes riders of all skill-levels as you do not need to have any experience – all it takes, is a bit of bravery and a good mood! Jump right into a new adventure and celebrate your first freestyle adventure!