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The Familypark Wildkogel

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Familypark Wildkogel - Wild about Freestyle!

In the upcoming season, the Family Fun Area will feature not only a Funslope but also the new Familypark Wildkogel. Here, the young and the old may dare to take their first steps or jumps in a snowpark that is perfectly tailored to the needs of beginners.

The Familypark Wildkogel is the perfect address for all of you who have always wanted to try riding, jumping or sliding across easy and fun features of a snowpark. Because this snowpark is especially designed for winter sports enthusiasts of every age who want to take a dip into freestyle without risking their neck.

Right at the beginning, you may decide whether you want to head straight into the Familypark or you rather want to ride the first part of the Funslope including the Fun Twister before “shredding” the beginner kickers and boxes of the snowpark. Either way, you start on the first hill in the park and get to choose between jumping a small kicker or smoothly sliding across a wide rainbow box. Head on to another kicker or a curved “dragontail box” and dash right into a dynamic banked turn. The third and last hill features an “up-down box” to slide across and another jump, ready for you to tackle and experience some air time.

At the bottom of the park, the only way left is the one to the ski lift Wolkenstein, the t-bar lift Braunkogel or the chair lift Gensbichlalm in order to getting back to the Familypark Wildkogel of the Family Fun Area once again. Have fun!