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Inspo: Social Media Channels

You need some inspiration for your shred sessions? Then this is your opportunity. In the ocean of social media channels, it can happen that you lose the overview. We went on looking for the most inspirational social media channels and found the following channels interesting:

The Snowboarder MBM magazine is famous to every true shredder heart. On social media the magazine has over 4000 followers and focus on news, trends, events and much more. As the name suggests, the magazine is mainly dedicated to snowboarding and therefore offer the perfect inspo for goofies and regulars.

QParks stands for freestyle, and freestyle is the connecting force of us. The social media channel provides information about the various ski resorts which are declared as a quality park. If Corona wouldn't exist, you can find the coolest events and competitions here. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

From snowboarding to skateboarding to surfing, the Boardriding magazine is the place to stay in contact with the scene. The social network combines three sports in three elements. The focus of the content on all social media channels lies on nice locations for board enthusiasts, the best boarding models, trick tips or film recommendations for freestylers. It's worth keeping an eye on the channel, promise!

This channel provides the latest news concerning freeride and freestyle. It's not for nothing that the magazine is called Freeski Magazine No. 1! Feel free to browse through their Instagram or visit the website. Don't forget to let yourself inspire by their interesting content service!

That's it. Enjoy surfing for inspiration and we'll be back as soon as we have new and more inspo for you. Until then, #staytuned!

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What an amazing season end! Shred Poker 2023 was a blast. Enjoy the snowboard edit.
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Film Credit: Mirko Paoloni

Season end was all about the gamblers, who went all in at the annual Shred Poker highlight on the Diedamskopf. On Saturday, 08.04.2023 motivated riders from near and far have again proven their skills and picked up massive chips. There were no bluffs and checks on this day - the highs of the day have skimmed. What exactly happened at Shred Poker 2023, you can read here:

On 08.04.2023 (new date)  it's finally that time again! Wild gambling for chips, flawless tricks via a special feature and a progression session that will take riders to new heights.

It’s time for the winter gambles, with skis and snowboard underfoot, as the Shred Poker is coming to Diedamskopf on the 08.04.2023. The rules of the Shred Poker are simple: Show your steezy freestyle tricks and collect lots of poker chips! Let's get ready to rumble!

What an steezy shred day in the Kings Park Hochkönig! Skills, conditions and weather were on without a doubt on point! One would even say it was royal.

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Rider: Demis Lotter 

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Royal conditions and skills at the Raw Series Hochkönig! Check out the snowboard clip shredheads!

Film Credit: Jordan Sitzwohl

Rider: Demis Lotter

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