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It’s been way too long, Penken Park!
The season 2020/21 has finally arrived!

2020 is coming to an end. And even though no one will miss this year, the end of it brings something amazing: snow! The mountains of Mayrhofen in the Zillertal have been covered in white gold over and over again in the last few weeks and left us dreaming of an early start of the season in the Penken Park.

This could be by far the best season yet – best meaning by 1.5 meters away from each other. Sorry for the trashy pun, but of course you also have to follow some safety rules in the Penken Park this season., You can find these on the website of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. The reason is obvious but enough about this topic, social distancing should not be a problem on the massive kicker line in the Penken Park. And of course, it's coming back this winter. A job for park groomer Steff Morocutti, who was already the mastermind behind the enormous jumps the past seasons. Park designer Norbert Benauer is responsible for the entire masterpiece. The playground in Mayrhofen has been bearing Norbert's signature for several years now and will be creative and beastly again in 2020/21.

Penken Park Team

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Not only the Shape Crew works on the highest level in Mayrhofen, also the Penken Park Team keeps impressing. Werni Stock, Tom Tramnitz, Alex Walch, Mario Wanger and Simo Peltola are once again sending in the name of the Penken Park - as we all know, that's what they do best. On the @penkenpark Instagram channel you can find a bunch of proof for that.


The calculation is rather simple: first-class setup, first-class team, first-class events! This season offers a number of highlights. Just highlight the following dates red in your calendar!

Austria Freeski Day - 24.01.2021

There is massive progression on the agenda here at the Austria Freeski Day grooms between 8 and 16 years can collect useful tips from professional coaches and improve their skills. Register here!

Vans Groms Open - tba

At the Vans Grooms Open snowboarders up to 18 years can participate and rock the Penken Park. Due to the current situation, however, the event cannot be held on its original date. As soon as an alternative date is fixed, you will find all information on the website of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen.

Burton Step On Testride Tour - 30.-31.01.2021

Test all the boots and bindings Burton has to offer at Penken Park! Step On and Go! Find all info here.

Penken Battle - 06.02.2021

A QParks tour without a Penken Battle? No way. On February 6th, the Rookie Tour will stop in Mayrhofen. Further information about the registration, the prize money and everything you want to know about the contest will be published on the QParks Tour website soon. If you want to get in the right mood till the event, you should definitely check out last season's recap.

Girls Shred Session - 13.02.2021

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Girls own Penken Park! The ROXY Girls Shred Session Mayrhofen powered by Blue Tomato is the perfect chance to meet other girls of the freestyle scene, improve your own skills and simply have a great day at the park. You can register for the event via the Girls Shred Sessions website!

Zillertal Välley Rälley - 27.-28.02.2021

Slopestyle Contest, Coaching Day and a Fun Ride Battle. The legendary Zillertal Välley Rälley has it all on February 27th and 28th. At the famous contest series snowboard teams from all over Europe compete! More details can be found at!

go-shred Penken Bingo - 13.03.2021

The go-shred Penken Bingo has established a reputation as an event evergreen in the Penken Park. Here, freeskiers and snowboarders must complete 16 pre-set tricks in order to achieve a BINGO and win rad prizes. This year, not only rail skills will be tested, but for the first time you should also havea solid performance on the kickers. Find all the info here!

Penken Truth – Stay True!

Your favorite series is heading for a next next season! The Penken Truth Series keeps you up to date with exclusive footage from the park. Shredflix and Chill at it's finest!

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 web mayrhofen 07 02 2020 action sb alex walch christian riefenberg qparks 6
 web mayrhofen 22 03 2018 action sb mario wanger christian riefenberg qparks 12
 web mayrhofen 07 02 2020 lifestyle sb werni stock alex walch christian riefenberg qparks 6
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 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action fs nicolay nordahl christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action fs noel walser christian riefenberg qparks 3
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action sb jonny cresswell christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action sb unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 7
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 This winter there is a lot going on at the Penken Park. So warm up, prepare your twintips and snowboards and send a few prayers to the Shred Gods that they may be merciful and give us plenty of snow. Until the season actually starts, you can find all relevant news for interested shredheads on the Instagram channel and the Facebook page of Penken Park!

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Mario surely had a blast at Snowpark Gastein. His stylish park laps push our stoke levels for season 2021/22 to infinity!

Markus and his crew will once again build Snowpark Gastein in season 2020/21. And once again, it will be a creative playground where you guys and girls can have steezy sessions in.

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