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Ready for the Season

The first snow has fallen and our stoke levels rise. Why? In a few weeks, Penken Park opens its gates again and welcomes us to endless shred sessions. Read here what to expect this season and find out about this season’s events at Penken Park. By the way: this includes a rad European premiere!

A word in advance: Park Designer Norbert Benauer and Park Groomer Steff Morocutti are going to take care of Penken Park once again this season and they’ll make sure that you guys will find a park that is just right for your needs – playful and mad, with creative lines and monster jumps!

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 web mayrhofen 22 03 2018 action sb mario wanger christian riefenberg qparks 4
 web mayrhofen 22 03 2018 action sb kevin trammer christian riefenberg qparks 10
 web mayrhofen 22 03 2018 action sb alex walch christian riefenberg qparks 8
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Penken Park Team

When planning the park, Norbert and Steff rely on the feedback of their mates from the Penken Park Team. The pros forward their wishes, hints and ideas out of the rider perspective to the playground’s masterminds. But who is part of the team? The consultants of freestyle are Werni Stock, Tom Tramnitz, Alex Walch, Mario Wanger und Simo Peltola. Simo Peltola? Yes - you heard right! The Penken Park Team’s latest entry is coming from the far north and is the first freeskier of the clique. You might wanna check out his style? The best way to do so is by having a look at his Instagram profile (@speldo).

fski web mayrhofen 22 03 2018 action fs simo peltola christian riefenberg qparks 8


As you know, you don’t only find a top-notch setup at Penken Park, but also first-class contests, coachings and sessions. If you’re in Mayrhofen throughout the entire season (what we highly recommend by the way) you can look forward especially to these event days! And if you’re still thinking about when to come to Zillertal, then we suggest the following dates.


Austria Freeski Days – 3.1.2020

Free freeski coaching for groms between 8 and 16 years of age. Please find here all details and the link for the registration.  


Groms Open – 6.1.2020

By now, the season’s first contest is a fixed date in the Penken Park event calendar - rightfully so. All under-18-snowboarders can participate and have the chance to clear awesome prizes. Further information about the event and the registration process is available here.


Penken Battle – 1.2.2020

The QParks Tour is Europe’s biggest rookie tour and on February 1st, the contest series stops at Mayrhofen. All details regarding the registration, prize money and the sideshows of the one and only Penken Battle are soon accessible via the QParks Tour website. To get you warmed up, have a glimpse at last year’s recap clip!

Girls Shred Session Mayrhofen – 15.2.2020

Last season, Penken Park hosted the largest QParks Girls Shred Session ever! 80 female participants made their way to Mayrhofen and enjoyed a day full of ladies freestyle. Find all information about this
season’s free coaching session here and if you wonder what a Girls Shred Session looks like, check out last year’s flashback!

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 web mayrhofen 16 02 2019 action sb unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 41
 web mayrhofen 16 02 2019 lifestyle fs elli elli schuster christian riefenberg qparks 2
 web mayrhofen 16 02 2019 action sb unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 9
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action fs raphael walser christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action sb jonny cresswell christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb christian riefenberg qparks 10
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs christian riefenberg qparks 10

Zillertal Välley Rälley – 29.2.2020 – 1.3.2020

Of course, the legendary Zillertal Välley Rälley swings by this season again. Groms and Pros, Rail Jam and Big Air and everything in between – this is the Välley Rälley’s special recipe. All details and ingredients are available on

go-shred Penken Bingo – 14.3.2020

Just like every year, the shred-carpooling platform “go-shred” organizes its popular go-shred Penken Bingo. Land the tricks listed on your bingo sheet and win fine goodies. Please find further information here.

Ride Test Days – 28. – 29.3.2020

You consider acquiring new shredables? Check out the Ride Test Days and off you go! Have a look and find out what to expect here.

Snowbombing Mayrhofen – 13. – 18.4.2020

The festival classic of the Alps returns to Mayrhofen this April. Dreaming of fine spring sessions and massive parties on the same day? Snowbombing Mayrhofen in mid-April is your calling then. Check out the first announced acts on


Penken Knuckle Huckle – No Kicker, no Problem

So, now things are getting serious. With the Penken Knuckle Huckle, the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen team in collaboration with QParks designed a very special treat. From March 20 – 21, 2020, Europe’s first knuckle-only-contest goes down in Mayrhofen! For the unlikely event that someone doesn’t know what this is about, we warmly recommend Episode 48 of the Penken Truth. One thing’s for sure, this event is going to be huge! First information and details regarding this highlight are available on


Penken Truth

You wanna find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Then we have something for you - the Penken Truth. Behind-the-scenes-footage, insider information and clips straight outta Penken Park. Stay tuned and stay true!

As you’ve seen – this season’s got something for everyone, so get your boards and twintips ready and start preparing the season with joyful ski gymnastics. Until the winter is up and rolling again and the Penken Park becomes ready to shred, you’ll be served with all news via Facebook and Instagram.

More Stuff

So, this is it. The Girls Shred Sessions of winter 2019/20 are over, because on March 7, 2020, the Blue Tomato Girls Day marked the last Girls Shred Session of the season. Read here what happened at the grand final of the girls-only shred sessions which toured through the entire Alps in the last months.   

What happens when the local shred aces come together for a bluebird session? Right on, it’s going to be massive. On Sunday (March 8) the Shred Poker Diedamskopf went down and it was truly a nice day. Awesome weather, a giant special obstacle, highly motivated snowboarders and freeskiers as well as a decent BBQ guaranteed a rad atmosphere at Diedamspark.

Blue Tomato team rider Felix Widnig and freeskier Fabi Oggiano showed you what to do, now it’s your turn! We raffle off a GoPro Hero 8 for your follow line video straight outta Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig! This means: send it at Kings Park and post your video! The Instagram challenge is running until the end of March and is of course open for both freeskiers and snowboarders! Read here how it works!

It´s the comeback of the season: After their last session in winter 2013/14, the girls are back in town! On February 29, the Girls Shred Session is going down at the Snowpark Schöneben.

Upload your best shot from one of our three Shred Poker Sessions to Instagram, tag @qparksfeestyle and @gopro, and use the hashtags #shredpoker and #gopro. With a bit of luck you win a brand-new GoPro Hero 8 Black!

Contest season is already in full swing – so it’s just about time to let finest contest vibes return to Snowpark Kitzbühel!

Winter is moving forward and it’s definitely about time that the Shredqueens hit the Blue Tomato Kings Park in Mühlbach/Hochkönig. Luckily, this day is just around the corner. On March 7, the Kings Park universe spins around two things: ladies and freestyle! Coachings for freeski/snowboard girls and women, tasty snacks, cool photo and film sessions, good vibes and awesome goodies for all participants – we’re already stoked when we think about the Blue Tomato Girls Day Hochkönig! What’s on the program during a Girls Shred Session? Read on and find out!

We can almost call it a Diedamskopf classic already – the Shred Poker Diedamspark! On March 8, 2020, it all comes down to a special obstacle again! Who shows the most creative tricks? The participants can look forward to hard cash and more rad prizes.