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Stairway to Heaven
The Snowpark Alta Badia opens the gates to heaven!

Long time no see. Due to the worldwide pandemic, the Snowpark Alta Badia was particularly affected and closed its doors last winter to take a break. We are therefore even happier to announce the opening of the first setup of the season:

Heavenly Setup

For the opening on Saturday, 18.12.2021, Shredqueens & Kings can look forward to a first setup with 3 boxes and 2 jumps in the Easy Line:

  • Dancefloor 3m
  • Elephantbox 6m
  • Wavebox 6m
  • Jump 3m
  • Jump 3m


Feels like shred heaven ... Now it's time to pack all seven things and go on the mountain.

See ya!

More Stuff

It’s time for the winter gambles, with skis and snowboard underfoot, as the Shred Poker is coming to Diedamskopf on the 26.03.2023. The rules of the Shred Poker are simple: Show your steezy freestyle tricks and collect lots of poker chips! Let's get ready to rumble!

On March 26th, 2023, it's finally that time again! Wild gambling for chips, flawless tricks via a special feature and a progression session that will take riders to new heights.

This year's topic #EmbraceEquity – Gender Equality focuses on supporting and enabling opportunities for men and women. For example, that it is legal for women to go to school and be allowed to vote. Gender equity, i.e. gender equality, means straightening out the historical “wrongs”. The "wrongs" that have left women on the sidelines regarding working conditions, social restrictions and many other areas.

Slayin, stayin, stylin! That was the motto at the Public Shooting Day at Superpark Planai. It was a blast. See for yourself.

The first Style & Smile at the Superpark Planai was a real bummer. Lots of motivated shredheads were there to get their professional shots. 

On March 04, 2023, it's that time again. The table is set, the chips are polished and the drinks are cold. The Riderpark Pizol invites you also in 2023 to the annual highlight, the Shred Poker Pizol, where casual goodies and cash are waiting for you!