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QParks are having a Birthday Party: 15 Years for Freestyle – save the date!

QParks are celebrating their birthday and you are invited! A massive party with “Common Shred” and a packed program is waiting for you on April 7, at the Axamer Lizum near Innsbruck.

We are celebrating our 15th season and that’s obviously a reason to party. Suitably, we chose to celebrate our anniversary with a common shred at the Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum. After all, shredding parks together has always been the golden thread running through the entire QParks history. It was the passion for freestyle and common sessions on the mountain, which motivated four young shredheads 15 years ago to bring QParks into being and it will remain the motor for many more years of freestyle in the Alps.

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Everyone who shares this passion and wants to celebrate freestyle together with us may keep April 7 free and should try not to make any world-changing plans for the following day either. Because a birthday party doesn’t just require having a good time shredding together, but also – well, duh – a massive party! And as is right and proper, the festivities will go down on the mountain at Lizum 1600. To make sure you can enjoy the party to the fullest, a considerable number of rooms was reserved at the Hotel Olympia. Here, the motto is – First come, first serve.

Birthday offer

All birthday guests may obtain a day pass for April 7 at the Axamer Lizum for a reasonable 28€ and everyone who wishes to end the party night at the Hotel Olympia, has the chance to get a combo-ticket for 60€ which is good for a day pass plus overnight stay. Both deals include a beer voucher and a t-shirt in the limited 15-years-of-QParks-design. If you want to purchase one of these deals simply sign up via the button below. You find all the news about the party also on Facebook.

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You feel like the birthday of a 15 year old requires some fun and games? However, you’re not going to find all time classics like “Apple Bobbing” or “Steady Eddy Egg Relay” at the party. No – more prestigious than the X-Games and the Olympics combined, the Lizum will host the first “Shaper Games” ever. Here, the guys and ladies of the Shape Academy will fight for victory in different spectacular disciplines.

Don’t miss out on this freestyle-party!


  • Common Shred
  • 1st Shaper Games
  • Drinks and snowpark action
  • Goodies4Tricks
  • Info about QParks and the Shape Academy for everyone interested
  • Surprises
  • Birthday Party @ Lizum 1600

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

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