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Cash 4 Tricks @ Superpark Planai

You’ve always wanted to mend your pocket money, salary, annuity, child allowance or whatever with rad runs through the Superpark Planai? Then join in on Sunday, January 27, 2019 between 10.00am and 1.00pm when the Ski Amadé Cash 4 Tricks Tour drops by. The mode is as simple as it is awesome: you show your finest tricks on various obstacles and the judges reward you with cash. On top, you get some free snacks, music from our boom boom box and a speaker will present the session.

So, come by – it definitely pays off!

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More Stuff

Want to improve your tricks? Come and get some tipps from our professional coach at the Weekly Coaching Session in Obergurgl! The sessions are free of charge - all you need is a lift ticket.

Just like last year, the QParks Tour will celebrate its grand finale in Obergurgl! After six tour stops across the Alps, the winners of the QParks Tour 2019 will be found on March 31, 2019 at the Game of Diamonds – get ready for some serious contest action!

Watch out Shred Heads! Whip out your calendars and mark March, 16 2019 with a big fat pen in your calendar because that is when the Shred Poker is coming to Schöneben. Anyone who is willing to shred hard and in style can bag a whole lot of valuable chips!

On February 24, 2019, it will rain chips for your tricks at the Diedamspark - show the crowd what you got and win lots of goodies and cash!

Time for the next episode of our Community Report: Gunfire Edit with Elia Mannhart and Nando Riedi from the iDoDo-Crew!

Rider: Elia Mannhart, Nando Riedi

Film Credit: Marco Jörger

Awesome weather, loads of stoked riders and one hell of a setup. Almost 70 riders were absolutely sending it at today´s Sick Trick Tour Open in Kitzbühel.

When the Reschen Pass calls for the Battle ROJal – you can be sure it’s action time! That’s always been the case, but last weekend was special! A bluebird day and the finely shaped setup set the perfect ground on which locals and shredders from far away competed heavily for the freestyle crown of Schöneben.

56 kids, 2 groups and at least as much progression: That was this year’s Blue Tomato Kids Day on 9th February at Superpark Planai! All riding levels were present, starting from very first turns to stomped jumps and everything in between. Anyway, the Blue Tomato coaches took care of the young freestyle fans’ safety, fun and progression.

The Riderpark Pizol isn't just the homebase for snowboarders and freeskiers at Pizol, it's also the place where riders come together - for shred sessions and to enjoy the view from the Riderpark's Chill Area.

This is episode 1 of our community report, featuring Elia Mannhart, founder of the iDoDo Crew. Some sick shred shots included, of course. Enjoy!

Rider: Elia Mannhart

Film Credit: Marco Jörger