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QParks Season Teaser 2020/21

Meet the Shape Crew: Snowpark Alta Badia

Being a shaper means being the first and the last on the mountain. Being a shaper means working according to weather conditions and being flexible. Being a shaper means being a true mountain man and sharing the love to Mother Nature. Being a shaper means combining work and pleasure all in one.

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10 Highlights in the Alta Badia Ski Area

The ski region Alta Badia is located in the heart of the Dolomites and has been delighting winter sports enthusiasts for many years. Above all, the versatility of the ski area rounds off the whole thing perfectly and prevents boredom in the first place. We show you the best 10 highlights that make the "Fun Mountain Alta Badia" a real entertainment carousel:


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Stairway to Heaven

Long time no see. Due to the worldwide pandemic, the Snowpark Alta Badia was particularly affected and closed its doors last winter to take a break. We are therefore even happier to announce the opening of the first setup of the season:

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