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Shred Poker 2019

QParks: 15 Years for Freestyle

QParks Tour 2019 – It was a blast!

Wanna know the secret recipe for a successful freestyle career? Review the highlights of the QParks Tour 2019? Find out what´s going on behind the scenes at the QParks Tour headquarters? Did someone say relaunch? Or would you like to win a surfing holiday? Well, then you should read on!

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Season 2018/19: Season's over until we start over

You took the first chair to the park, you maxed out your day pass, you shredded until the legs were burning, you had some bad bails, you stood up again and you only shredded towards the valley station when the lifts stopped running. You’re pretty much wrecked, but you’re simply stoked! What a hell of a day! That’s exactly how we feel after this wicked 2018/19 season. Here, we let you know why.

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A Royal Share Of Freestyle

It’s true – at Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig things are served in big portions. The playground’s bill of fare definitely lives up to its name, as the variety of obstacles lives up to a fair equivalent to a 51-course menu at the table of some European noble houses. Golden cutlery included. But this time, the King invited Karl Brandl, Nic Biembacher and Felix Widnig for dinner who showed his majesty how it’s done.

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