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Postponed: Already practiced Poker Faces? – next up: Shred Poker at the Diedamskopf with a new date: 08.04.2023

On 08.04.2023 (new date)  it's finally that time again! Wild gambling for chips, flawless tricks via a special feature and a progression session that will take riders to new heights.

Things are heating up at Diedamskopf - it's time to gamble chips again, but not in the traditional sense.

This shred poker session is all about winning over the crowd and living the hype. For the best tricks with the most style and the loudest cheers on a special feature specially shaped for the session, there's a pile of chips to be won, as well as 500 euros in cash.

At the end of the successful session, the chips earned can be exchanged for cash and goodies from Boardriding, TSG, Pinetime and QParks.

So the chances of getting dusted here are better than Saturn in the full moon.

Snackie McSnackssnacks

Snacks and drinks are also provided at this Shredpoker session. In the chill area you can fill your stomach and end the day with the crew - for free, of course.


Here's how the day is expected to go:

  • 10:00-10:30 Get together & sign in
  • 10:30-10:45 Riders Meeting
  • 10:45-13:15 Chips for Tricks session
  • 13:15-13:30 Flower Ceremony
  • 13:30 Chill & Snacks FOR FREE


Good times and another day for the books are pre-programmed at the Shred Poker on the Diedamskopf. Mark March 26th, 2023  08.04.2023-> New Date in bold in your calendar and hey, better be an attendee or be chipsfree.

Until then, get in the mood for gaming by following @Diedamspark on Facebook and Instagram!

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Film Credit: Mirko Paoloni

Ready for this years Shred Poker freeski recap? Awesome vibes and tricks – no matter the weather!

Film Credit: Mirko Paoloni

Season end was all about the gamblers, who went all in at the annual Shred Poker highlight on the Diedamskopf. On Saturday, 08.04.2023 motivated riders from near and far have again proven their skills and picked up massive chips. There were no bluffs and checks on this day - the highs of the day have skimmed. What exactly happened at Shred Poker 2023, you can read here: