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QParks Tour 2019 – It was a blast!

Wanna know the secret recipe for a successful freestyle career? Review the highlights of the QParks Tour 2019? Find out what´s going on behind the scenes at the QParks Tour headquarters? Did someone say relaunch? Or would you like to win a surfing holiday? Well, then you should read on!

What a rad contest season that was: 7 QParks Tour Stops in 3 countries with 282 riders from 20 nations, who once again proofed, that the QParks Tour actually is the biggest independent freestyle tour across the Alps and a stepping stone to a pro career. No matter if rookie, who wants to breath first contest air, or freestyle pro, who is competing at European Cups. The QParks Tour is not only open for all, but also a playground for all. And that´s fine, says German wunderkind and QParks Tour rider Fynn Koenen: „A Contest is always something you have to get used to. The more you ride, the better you get.“ But besides getting used to contest situations, there is something else, that brings you closer to success.

Have Fun!

“Stay calm, plan your runs and most important – have fun!”, as Sebastian Färber, freeski judge told us in our judges feature. And that is certain: Enjoying sports is the most important factor, if you want to be successful in the long run. That´s also what David Wolf, Best Trick winner and QParks Tour rider stated after his rad run at the Battle ROJal Schöneben: „The secret formula is simply having fun while skiing! And that´s it, you don´t need more!“ And yeah, he´s right! Even the youngsters of the QParks Tour already stick to that motto. Charlie Lane from “Why Ain´t you?!” just made our day at the Lit Night Jam in Saalbach Hinterglemm when he answered the question what he likes best at the QParks Tour with “WURST!”. Check out the video!

When the fun is on point, the freestyle action is too. And that leads to a truck load of season highlights.

Highlights of the QParks Tour 2019

One literal highlight of this season was our first night contest - the Lit Night Jam at Saalbach Hinterglemm. In that case, the name says it all: At the legendary floodlight setting of Snowpark U-Bahn, the riders were the ones in the spotlight and they just sent it! At least as bright as the lighting in Hinterglemm was the atmosphere at the Penken Battle in Mayrhofen. An unbelievable 89 riders made it to legendary Penken Park and celebrated one hell of a freestyle party. The weather at the Blue Tomato Plan P kinda crossed our plans but everyone made the best out of it and the riders showed us some high-end jib action. However, at the Sick Trick Tour Open, the contest line provided a perfect playground for some massive airtime. The stunning panorama at the Oakley Schilthorn Open is also worth mentioning just like the perfect setup at the Battle ROJal at Schöneben – actually, each tour stop was a real blast! All leading to the grand final - the Game of Diamonds in Obergurgl.

The glorious winners of the QParks Tour 2019

One thing is for sure: The riders, who made it to the podium at the end of the QParks Tour were fighting hard. Our freeski champions of the season 2019 are Muriel Mohr, Noel Walser and Fabian Tschiderer. The best snowboarders in their categories were Felix Widnig, Emma Lantos, Benedikt Fridbjornsson and Sam van Lieshout.

 web schoeneben 09 02 2019 lifestyle sb francine boer christian riefenberg qparks 4
 web schoeneben 09 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web schoeneben 09 02 2019 action fs leon ernhofer christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web schoeneben 09 02 2019 action sb fabian brenzel christian riefenberg qparks 2
 web obergurgl 31 03 2019 lifestyle sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 007
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action fs peer esser patrick luchs qparks 006
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action fs unknown patrick luchs qparks 029
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 006
 web obergurgl 31 03 2019 action sb sam van lieshout patrick steiner qparks 001
 web obergurgl 31 03 2019 lifestyle fs unknown patrick steiner qparks 011
 web obergurgl 31 03 2019 lifestyle sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 002
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action sb unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 7
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs christian riefenberg qparks 2
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb christian riefenberg qparks 11
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 action sb jasper dhaene patrick steiner qparks 002
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 002
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 008
 web hinterglemm 26 01 2019 action fs unknown rider christian riefenberg qparks 10
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 action fs maj stirn patrick steiner qparks 004

Congratulations to all the winners from the whole QParks Team! You guys were killing it! But wait a second, we haven´t announced all the winners yet. Didn´t someone say something about surfing?

Free Spirit Best Trick Award

At this year´s Best Trick Award, our judges selected 11 best tricks out of a huge pool of freestyler madness. Now it´s up to the community to decide which one is the best of the best – for freeski and snowboard. The two riders, who gather the most votes, win a surfing holiday at the Free Spirit Hostel Ecuador for two! There you can polish your skills on liquid snow and get ready for the coming season. And we’d highly recommend doing so, because we have some sweet news for you guys.

QParks Tour Relaunch?

Yes, you got it right! There is some interesting stuff going on behind the scenes at the QParks headquarters. We´re going to tune the QParks Tour! There´s gonna be a bunch of innovations to make the tour even more suitable for all of you. Currently, we cannot give you more info about that, but stay tuned, it´s gonna be rad!

Now, nothing’s left to say but THANK YOU! BIG UP to all, who joined us this year! You make the QParks Tour the awesome freestyle contest series, it is! Soon, it’s time for the summer break, but we´ll keep you updated on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the beach!

More Stuff

There´s no QParks Tour 2019/20 without the contest at the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn! At the Schilthorn Open, motivated freeskiers and snowboarders will shred right before a breathtaking scenery for fame, glory, cash, goodies and more!

The QParks Tour stops at the legendary Penken Park in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal Valley.

GIRLS OWN THE PARK – that’s not just the slogan of the Girls Shred Sessions, it’s a mission! Therefore, all freestyle ladies can look forward to an event from girls for girls with a clear intention: Bringing girls into the snowparks, empowering them and fostering the female freestyle community!

When it comes to Alta Badia, most people may think of Ladinian kitchen and pizza, unique mountain ranges in combination with picturesque villages, legendary ski races and of course a lot of Dolce Vita. But wait, there’s more! Besides mainstream tourism, there’s a special highlight nobody should miss: the Snowpark Alta Badia!

Penken Park 29.11.2019

The first snow has fallen and our stoke levels rise. Why? In a few weeks, Penken Park opens its gates again and welcomes us to endless shred sessions. Read here what to expect this season and find out about this season’s events at Penken Park. By the way: this includes a rad European premiere!

All shredheads can look forward to a sparkling Game of Diamonds! The final stop of the QParks Tour will guarantee some top-class contest action when riders from all over Europe will not only fight for the win of the day but also for the crown of the QParks Tour.

This winter once again, the QParks Tour will partner up with the Sick Trick Tour in order to turn the Austrian skiing hotspot Kitzbühel into a freestyle-zone!

The QParks Tour celebrates its comeback to Snowpark Alta Badia and at the same time it’s going to be a premiere! After all, the Rookie Battle Alta Badia is the first-ever QParks Tour Stop exclusively for freeskiers and snowboarders under 18 years!

While you have prepared yourselves for the upcoming season in the glacier parks and gyms of this beautiful world, the team of the QParks Tour has prepared everything to give you once again a season full of professional contests for riders. Below, you find the first info about the new Tour Stops and the new contest formats.