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QParks Tour 2020
Ready, set, go!

While you have prepared yourselves for the upcoming season in the glacier parks and gyms of this beautiful world, the team of the QParks Tour has prepared everything to give you once again a season full of professional contests for riders. Below, you find the first info about the new Tour Stops and the new contest formats.

If you are fully aware of the fact that the QParks Tour almost has a 10 years history, that it involves 7 stops in 3 countries and that it therefore is the largest independent contest series in Europe you don’t really need this introduction. Everyone else however, should carefully read it so it becomes clear what all of this is actually about: Freestyle. It’s all about freestyle. (Period)


And one important part of freestyle is contests where the community gathers, shreds together and bags some cash and one or another goodie. Sure, the most important part in freestyle remains creativity, fun and personal progression. However, if you feel like having your skills checked in a professional setting during a rad session with internationally experienced and professional judges on-site you can do so at various QParks Tour Stops. And if you might be in for some fine goodies by Amplifi, QParks and POW Gloves it sounds like one hell of a deal, right?


News and classics

Compared to last year’s Tour season, some has changed: With the Rookie Battles in Alta Badia and Ehrwald, the QParks Tour doesn’t just feature two new resorts but also two new contest formats for rookies only.


On all Tour stops you can look forward to a full-scale, solid slopestyle setup with railtime, airtime and most importantly good times. Apart from that, beloved culinary classics such as the QParks-Tour-sausages, tea for free and Red Bull will remain in stock. Plus, most of the contests also stay free of entry fees. Also, all winners of each contest’s Best Trick Award will get the chance to win two surf camps for two including surf and yoga lessons as well as accommodation and food at the Free Spirit Hostel Ecuador.

 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs christian riefenberg qparks 9
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action fs peer esser patrick luchs qparks 006
 web planai 12 01 2019 lifestyle fs sb roland haschka qparks 059
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 action sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 006
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 008
 web schilthorn 23 03 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick luchs qparks 016
 web obergurgl 31 03 2019 lifestyle sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 002
 web obergurgl 31 03 2019 action sb sam van lieshout patrick steiner qparks 001
 web planai 12 01 2019 action sb unknown rider roland haschka qparks 005

In addition to sausage, goodies and cash, the winning snowboarders of the QParks Tour Stops also get points for the World Snowboard Points List, the World Rookie Rank and the Austrian Stops are part of the Austrian Cup Tour. The shredders from Styria might even become Styrian Champs as the Styrian Championships will be held at the Blue Tomato Plan P in Schladming.


All freeskiers can collect valuable points for the Freeski Austria Tour at the Austrian Tour Stops and the stops in Tyrol are good for TSV-Cup points. And the Styrian riders will compete for the Styrian championships title at the Blue Tomato Plan P in Schladming.

 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb christian riefenberg qparks 10
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 lifestyle fs christian riefenberg qparks 2
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action fs noel walser christian riefenberg qparks 3
 web mayrhofen 23 02 2019 action sb jonny cresswell christian riefenberg qparks 1
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 action sb jasper dhaene patrick steiner qparks 002
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 lifestyle fs sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 008
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 lifestyle sb unknown patrick steiner qparks 001
 web kitzbuehel 16 02 2019 action fs maj stirn patrick steiner qparks 004

QParks Tour Stops 2020

Blue Tomato Plan P
Superpark Planai
Penken Battle
Penken Park Mayrhofen
Rookie Battle Alta Badia
Snowpark Alta Badia
Junior Jam Ehrwalder Alm
Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm
Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel
Snowpark Kitzbühel
Schilthorn Open
Game of Diamonds
Snowpark Obergurgl

You find the most recent news and info about the QParks Tour on Instagram, Facebook and on

- Ready, set, go!


More Stuff

We are coming to the end of another exceptional season. Almost all QParks have gone on summer break. All but one. The SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn will remain open until April 25 and will give riders a few more rad days before summer arrives at Schilthorn.

This season we partnered up with GoPro in order to search for the QParks LINE OF THE YEAR. For one entire season you have the chance to capture your best, most creative and/or stylish, unique or simply favorite line in one of our QParks on camera – in other terms: we want to see your LINE OF THE YEAR 2021!

For the Parkrats of Schladming Christmas Eve 2020 was a very special one as there was an exciting present hidden under the Christmas Tree. The Superpark Planai & the Funslope opened their doors on the 24th of December, just in time for some Christmas and NYE holiday shreds. Freeskiers and Snowboarders could make the best out of 2020 and enjoy the last two weeks of this very interesting year lapping the Park. 2021 is packed with hope and the crew around the Superpark Planai want to welcome you with a very creative and fun Park-setup!

There’s a XL snowpark right in the wintersport heart of Austria that’s called Kitzbühel. And who thought that Kitzbühel is only about alpine skiing is proven wrong. After all, five areas filled with kickers, jibs and multi features will still everyone’s hunger for freestyle. On top, two well-known events will be the cherry on this seasons cake.

Always an early bird and ready for the next best session! The Snowpark Kreischberg leaves an impression on the parkrat folks with its early opening date. The Murauer Playground is, as per usual, one of the first non-glacier-parks that can build up a park. This is year it can also be a really exciting Christmas present! The lifts will open and so will the Snowpark Kreischberg on the 24th of December 2020!

2020 is coming to an end. And even though no one will miss this year, the end of it brings something amazing: snow! The mountains of Mayrhofen in the Zillertal have been covered in white gold over and over again in the last few weeks and left us dreaming of an early start of the season in the Penken Park.

Even the longest summer break of all times eventually comes to an end, that’s why we want to give you an update on what’s cooking in our 40 QParks all over the Alps.

Even though Covid-19 makes things more difficult and uncertain regarding the coming winter season, one thing should give hope to all shredqueens who can’t wait for the season to start: The Girls Shred Sessions will be back – with smaller groups, an exclusive coaching atmosphere and good vibes only.

Since years, this park has been one of the highlights in the Bernese Alps, not only because of the impressive mountain-giants surrounding it: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The SKYLINE SNOWPARK will once again the cherry on top of this breathtaking scenery and is prepared with a massive setup and many new obstacles to surprise.