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A winter with the Shape Academy
Shred-sessions, crew-life and job-perspectives: you can have it all!

They are the first ones up on the mountain, equipped with shape tools and shovels, facing the elements, chasing one mission: creating the ultimate playground for all winter sports enthusiasts. That’s the daily business of the men and women from the Shape Academy – the biggest institution in the field of snow construction both in terms of training and concept creation worldwide. So, if you are eager to spending the winter in the mountains, if you are looking for new adventures and if you’re tough enough for some physical labor, this is your chance!

‘Cause a few shred-days aren’t enough…

Let’s give an example: Lukas is the living proof that it’s possible to combine one’s favorite hobby and one’s job perfectly. He has been a shaper for three years now and has become a valuable member of the QParks Crew. Born in Northern Germany, he first couldn’t imagine gaining a professional foothold in the winter sports business. After all, his time in the mountains was limited to a few days of vacation per year. But then he heard about the Shape Academy. Now, he spends his winter creating sick shred features, shaping kickers and building creative jib-obstacles. And of course, there’s plenty of time to take some laps in the park and pursue his passion: shredding! I’m basically building my own playground!“, Lukas describes his job. “Of course, it’s a lot of work and sometimes it gets really exhausting. But the fact that I can spend the day on the mountain, together with a like-minded crew and knowing, that I can earn money with my favorite hobby, makes up for all the hard times.”

Outdoor office vs. cubicle

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But you don’t necessarily have to be a genuine freestyle enthusiast like Lukas, to become a part of the Shape Academy. After all, there’s a huge spectrum of winter sports facilities like the Funslopes, the Funcross and the structurally challenging Snowcastles, which are built and maintained by the Shape Academy. And sometimes it’s just the calm beauty of the mountains or the fact to have “the most beautiful workplace in the world”, that makes you choose this job, like Sabrina – Project Manager in a Funslope – explains. “I just couldn’t imagine sitting in a cubicle every day. I just wanted to go outside! So, I decided to take a timeout from my old job. Now I spend my days in the outdoor office – and there’s nothing that could possibly match up to that!” While talking about her dream job, she watches the sun set behind the majestic mountains. Yes, that’s part of the shaper life, too!

Big toys for big boys

Even all those, crazy about heavy machinery and technical stuff can find their ideal job at the Shape Academy – namely in the cockpit of a snowcat. The men (and women!) in their PRINOTH snow groomers are the true heroes of the night. They are the ones who push huge amounts of snow and help bring the park in perfect shape. Without them, it would be impossible to build a snowpark for example. “It’s not just required to have an eye for the details, it’s also necessary to bring along some skills and to be willing to learn.” Roland knows what he’s talking about. It’s already his 10th season with the Shape Academy. Since then, a lot has happened for Roli. Now, he’s Head Operator and responsible for the training of the next generation of snowcat operators. Furthermore, he has become Regional Manager and coordinates several projects within the Shape Academy. Therefore, he’s a paramount example that the Shape Academy also provides unique career opportunities in the winter sports business.

If you also want to turn your passion into your profession, join the Shape Academy! For more information and the official online application form, please visit

More Stuff

There´s no QParks Tour 2019/20 without the contest at the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn! At the Schilthorn Open, motivated freeskiers and snowboarders will shred right before a breathtaking scenery for fame, glory, cash, goodies and more!

The QParks Tour stops at the legendary Penken Park in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal Valley.

GIRLS OWN THE PARK – that’s not just the slogan of the Girls Shred Sessions, it’s a mission! Therefore, all freestyle ladies can look forward to an event from girls for girls with a clear intention: Bringing girls into the snowparks, empowering them and fostering the female freestyle community!

When it comes to Alta Badia, most people may think of Ladinian kitchen and pizza, unique mountain ranges in combination with picturesque villages, legendary ski races and of course a lot of Dolce Vita. But wait, there’s more! Besides mainstream tourism, there’s a special highlight nobody should miss: the Snowpark Alta Badia!

Penken Park 29.11.2019

The first snow has fallen and our stoke levels rise. Why? In a few weeks, Penken Park opens its gates again and welcomes us to endless shred sessions. Read here what to expect this season and find out about this season’s events at Penken Park. By the way: this includes a rad European premiere!

All shredheads can look forward to a sparkling Game of Diamonds! The final stop of the QParks Tour will guarantee some top-class contest action when riders from all over Europe will not only fight for the win of the day but also for the crown of the QParks Tour.

This winter once again, the QParks Tour will partner up with the Sick Trick Tour in order to turn the Austrian skiing hotspot Kitzbühel into a freestyle-zone!

The QParks Tour celebrates its comeback to Snowpark Alta Badia and at the same time it’s going to be a premiere! After all, the Rookie Battle Alta Badia is the first-ever QParks Tour Stop exclusively for freeskiers and snowboarders under 18 years!

While you have prepared yourselves for the upcoming season in the glacier parks and gyms of this beautiful world, the team of the QParks Tour has prepared everything to give you once again a season full of professional contests for riders. Below, you find the first info about the new Tour Stops and the new contest formats.